A mechanical workshop with a strong technological bent

The origins

In 1975 Spreafico's founder, Pietro Spreafico, created the company as a workshop specialized in precision machining, repairing and maintenance. Over time the company has undergone a process of constant improvement, expanding at the beginning of the 1990s, with the arrival of the founder's son, Enrico, and the decision to proceed on the path of complex mechanical structure machining and on-site assembly.

From this stemmed the need to move on to a larger building, where it would be possible to install numerical control machines in order to execute faster and more precise productions. The business then started focusing on the construction of special machines, still in the field of mechanical engineering, which was made possible also by the hiring of specialized personnel, such as designers, engineers and technicians. Thus Spreafico has strengthened its experience in the field of technologically advanced machines, suitable to be operated on multiple shifts and requiring very little maintenance.

Entering the coffee industry

In 2008 the company became an S.r.l. (limited liability company) and expanded its staff with the hiring of twenty new employees, which are supported by a strong network of external suppliers. It was at this time that Spreafico seized the opportunity of entering the coffee industry, designing and building a system, commissioned by Gimoka S.r.l., for the filling of capsules at a speed of 600 pieces per minute. The clientele of the company began to change as well: from small craft businesses based in its same area, to medium sized regional industries, and to big national enterprises thanks to the knowledge and experience of 30 years in the coffee industry of Mr. Gianfranco Zanarini, who is currently the sales manager of Spreafico.

The born of Spreafico Automation and Spreafico Meccanica

In 2017, Spreafico S.r.l. changes both its headquarters and its name, becoming “Spreafico Automation”. Inside the new facilities, the company continues with the design, construction and fitting activities of machines and full plants for the filling of capsules with coffee and soluble products. On the other hand, “Spreafico Meccanica” - an offshoot of Spreafico Automation – it’s a division entirely focused on the construction of precision mechanical components which continues to operate inside the previous facilities, mostly working for its "big sister", but also for other companies: the expertise of 40 years on the market, combined with the current production structure - that can count on an ample set of cutting-edge machine tools and production methods - will allow the company to support several businesses in the mechanical engineering industry.

Spreafico Automation became part of the IMA Coffee Hub

In 2019, Spreafico Automation became part of the IMA Coffee Hub, a cluster of specialist brands, each providing a key slice of the experience and expertise needed to serve the coffee industry from A to Z.