Dettaglio News

23 September 2019

Spreafico Automation at Host with a solution for the filling and packaging of aluminum capsules

Spreafico Automation, part of IMA Coffee Hub, will be present at the Milan trade fair with a six lane machine for the filling and packaging of “Nespresso” type compatible aluminum capsules. This is one of the most widespread formats on the market, which in its aluminum version is capable of guaranteeing both a high quality of the drink and its own recyclability, since the capsule it’s completely free of thermoplastic materials. However, while those features have contributed to its success, aluminum capsules require a purpose-built packaging machine that ensures the completion of an especially sensitive process, from the feeding stage to the filling and sealing. Spreafico boasts a unique know-how in this field, being among the first to research applications for compatible aluminum capsules. At Host, the Lecco based company will showcase a machine that is perfectly calibrated for meeting market needs, with a medium-high production capacity (the unit reaches 360 hits per minute), equipped with all of the features that, over the years, have made Spreafico Automation a point of reference in the industry. Specifically: its great reliability and the guarantee of a high-quality product with a long shelf life, thanks to the residual percentage of oxygen inside the capsule of less than 1%.