SC Series

Plants for the Preparation of the Capsules


The mechanical expertise gained by the company in over 40 years on the market, together with the deep technological know how and the experience in the use of new materials, allow Spreafico to manufacture not only filling machines, but also plants for the preparation of the capsules. These are machines that share the same of construction principles of Spreafico's production: flexibility, high technology and performances that meet the market's needs.

The "SC" series machines can be fitted to work with all kinds of capsules - self-sealing or non self-sealing, with different thermoplastic, compostable or biodegradable materials - in set-ups that range from 4 to 16 lanes. The company's flexibility allows it to manufacture units for the insertion of plastic filters or for the cutting and sealing of  paper/aluminum filters, alternatively on the bottom or on the outside of the capsule.

The "SC" series for the preparation of capsules is capable of reaching performances of up to 50 hits per minute, depending on the complexity of the process and the capsule itself. 

Technical Data

From 4 to 16 lanes
Up to 50 hits per minute