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Spreafico Automation

Specialized in designing and marketing machines for the packaging of coffee capsules and soluble products.

The company, headquartered in Calolziocorte, Lecco, offers a selection of solutions with different speeds and features in order to be suitable to the most diverse of production needs. With a well-established reputation for the dependability and strength of its machines, the company based in Lecco operates on the global market, with clients in countries such as Spain and the Netherlands and, outside of Europe, South Africa, Australia, Canada, China and Thailand.

While Spreafico takes advantage of the mechanical skills available in the region in which it is based, all its design teams work internally, producing part of the components for its machines in its own workshop, equipped with lathes, millers and numerical control machines.



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Why choose Spreafico Automation?

Spreafico machines are known and appreciated on the global market because of:

Their great energy efficiency, allowing a substantial electricity saving.

The low waste of capsule sealing material, allowing a consistent material saving.

Their lowered layout, for a better integration into the productive environment.

Their ability to synchronize welding and machine speed.

The ability to produce capsule with an internal value of oxygen lower than 1%, for a better product fragrance.


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